Helping women identify and let go of their old emotional baggage.
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I can hear you saying in your head right now…soooo what the heck does that even mean?

 Basically, it means I help women like you identify and let go of your old relationship baggage. You know that emotional junk that you’ve been dragging around since before Patrick Swayze was Dirty Dancing? 

So what happens when we start hoarding relationship baggage?

Well, it creates a set of beliefs that show up as repetitive patterns in our life, eventually becoming so etched into our brain and energy field that they actually become part of our personality. It’s these sneaky beliefs and patterns, parked up in our unconscious mind like unwanted squatters, that keep us attracting the same type of experiences over and over.

It's like being stuck in our very own Groundhog Day.

You start a relationship only to discover that this NEW guy takes you for granted just like the last one? Or you switch jobs and STILL end up with that annoying co-worker who pushes all your buttons... so freakin' frustrating, right?

Most people think that attracting a new partner, starting a new job, or making a fresh start in a new city is the answer – THAT seems logical right?

Well not if you’re bringing all that emotional baggage with you…yep, you can run, but you cant hide!

That is until you’ve released your emotional junk at an ENERGETIC level.


I use my intuitive gifts to identify my client’s relationship blind spots, then I support them through the process of kicking them to the kerb once and for all!  And how good would that feel?

I'm going to share little a secret with you...

Despite what you might be thinking or feeling right now, the best years are not behind you.

In fact, they're right out in front of you, patiently waiting and urging you to take a big brave step into the unknown.

When it clicks that it's the emotional baggage you’re secretly hoarding, that’s holding you back - that's when EVERYTHING starts to shift.

But here's the catch…

You're the ONLY one who can do something about it.

And the sooner the better, right?

I love supporting my clients through this process and I'm super passionate about unveiling the real you you’re hiding underneath all that junk… And the amazing experiences that will arrive on your doorstep once we’ve had a little tidy up!

That stuff lights me right up!


I’ll keep it short and sweet these few random facts…

♡ I've been intuitive from a young age. I've just always seemed to know stuff without knowing why I knew it. In 2014 I quit my corporate life to explore these gifts further, and I how I could use them to help other people.

♡ I'm a dog whisperer. Seriously...ask any of my friends (or their dog) and they'll confirm this to be true.

♡ I'm a meditation junkie! I've studied the best mind and energy techniques available and share them with my clients to create MASSIVE change in their lives.

♡ I love a good hug – they’re one of the best things in the world.


p.s. Want to find out if my work is exactly what you need to break out of Groundhog Day? Well you’re in luck! I offer a limited number of FREE Energetic Relationship Assessments every month. If you want to snap one of these up CLICK THIS LINK.