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I'm Sarah,

An Intuitive Energy Healer, International Best-Selling Author and Advanced Level Master Healer.

I enable and train purpose-driven women to clear self-doubt and second-guessing from their inner knowing so that they can learn to trust themselves and reach their next level of success - much faster than they ever imagined possible.

For over 25 years, I've immersed myself in the study and practical application of energy healing, intuitive methodology, intensive leadership training and meditation practices. As a Master Healer with a high-level connection to Source, I tap into the core causes of what's in the way of my clients achieving their deepest desires by facilitating a powerful yet gentle healing process.

 Through my 1:1 work and group programs, I've helped hundreds of women make their success inevitableThey've met their soul mates, scaled their businesses, landed dream jobs, doubled their income, bought dream homes and everything in between...

You're in the right place if...

You're a purpose-driven woman who's here to make a meaningful impact, and you know that the fastest way to do that is by reaching your next level of success.

My non-fancy bio

I've been intuitive since an early age; I just always seemed to know stuff without knowing why I knew it. 

In 2014, I quit my corporate life, moved to Bali, and started to explore how I could use my intuition for good. 

Over the last eight years, I've studied and trained under three of the world's top healers, travelled to South Africa to undergo intensive leadership training, lived on-site with the White Lions of Timbavati, and studied interspecies communication in Singapore. 

It's been a ride!

What's become crystal clear through this journey is my role in the world:

To enable women to heal and clear what's getting in the way of them creating the impact in the world that they were born to make.  

Think of my healing like a fast-track ticket to your next level of success!

Basically, I clear the energetic junk getting in the way of what you want so that your success becomes inevitable.


Okay enough about me...

 Here's what I know about you:

♡ You're a purpose-driven woman who is here to make a meaningful impact.

♡ You've already created significant success in your life and are ready for your next level of growth.

♡ You're naturally intuitive, but sometimes it can be a bit hit and miss, creating a pattern of self-doubt.

♡ You're committed to your personal growth and have tried ALL the things, and yet, each time you're ready to up-level, it comes with a side serving of struggle.

♡ But most importantly, you're open and 
emotionally ready to receive powerful and life-changing energy healing.

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x Sarah

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