$997.00 AUD

The Healing Immersion

A potent combination of advanced manifestation techniques and high-level healing to support you in creating the kind of life (and success) that your soul desires. 

The Healing Immersion is delivered through 6 x LIVE group healing and training calls.

Here's what we're going do together:

♡ Heal second-guessing, doubts and fears so that you have a clear runway to YOUR NEXT LEVEL OF SUCCESS.

♡ Learn advanced manifestation techniques and create the kind of life your SOUL DESIRES.

♡ Discover the #1 secret I've used to build SUCCESS and that I've taught to hundreds of women so that they can do the same.

♡ Build a sacred relationship with money and become the MONEY MAGNET you were born to be.

♡ Ditch the struggle and build your EMPIRE in a way that works for you.

♡ Build inner trust and learn how to make decisions that are in YOUR BEST AND HIGHEST.

♡ Deepen your connection with Source/Universal Life Force, and nurture one of the MOST IMPORTANT relationships you'll ever have.

♡ Implement a self-care and spiritual practice that supports and fast-tracks your SUCCESS.


The Healing Immersion is complete with advanced manifestation techniques & deep healing to support you in expanding into your next level of success (without the struggle!

BUT don't worry;
you won't find yourself spending hours sitting in meditation or implementing a complex set of rituals.

I don't have time for that, and I'm sure you don't either!

Everything you're going to learn can be easily fitted into your already existing routine or daily practice.

Whether you're just starting out or have already built significant success in your life and business, The Healing Immersion will support you in creating the life and success you desire and deserve.