$1,997.00 AUD

The Healing Immersion 2023

A 6-week immersion designed to make your success inevitable with Master Healer Sarah McGahan.

The Healing Immersion is delivered through 6 x LIVE group healing and training calls.

Here's what we're going do together:

♡ Heal second-guessing, doubts and fears so that you have a clear runway to YOUR NEXT LEVEL OF SUCCESS.

♡ Learn advanced manifestation techniques and create the kind of life your SOUL DESIRES.

♡ Discover the #1 secret I've used to build SUCCESS and that I've taught to hundreds of women so that they can do the same.

♡ Build a sacred relationship with money and become the MONEY MAGNET you were born to be.

♡ Ditch the struggle and build your EMPIRE in a way that works for you.

♡ Build inner trust and learn how to make decisions that are in YOUR BEST AND HIGHEST.

♡ Deepen your connection with Source/Universal Life Force, and nurture one of the MOST IMPORTANT relationships you'll ever have.

♡ Implement a self-care and spiritual practice that supports and fast-tracks your SUCCESS.