Helping women identify and let go of their old emotional baggage.
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You know that stuff you’ve been carrying around with you like a big old bag old cement.

I get it, you’d REALLY love to let it go and you’ve tried to (many times), but it just seems to stick to you like a bad smell. And instead, you end up repeating the same old relationship patterns over and over again.

It sucks, right?

Well, here’s what you need to know girlfriend. If your energy field has old junk in it from past relationships, beliefs or even the way you internalised your parent's relationship, you'll keep attracting the same kind of people, things or experiences into your life.

Until you clear out your relationship baggage at the level of energy you’ll keep projecting your past out into your very PREDICTABLE future.


Hey Gorgeous, let me officially introduce myself. My name’s Sarah and I’m an Intuitive Energy Coach. That’s just a fancy way of saying I offer personalised coaching for women who are READY to release their unhealthy relationship baggage once and for ALL!

The kind of women I work with have quite SIMPLY had enough of the same experiences (and characters) showing up in their life. And they know if they don’t do something about it NOW the next 20 years are going to look and feel painfully familiar!

What they often don’t realise is that they have had a set of unconscious beliefs and patterns running on autopilot in the background that keep throwing up the same situations time and time again.

But the good news is we can dismantle and create new beliefs and patterns by rewiring the Neural Pathways in our brain AND by clearing our energy field of the junk that’s been keeping us stuck on repeat.

When we know how, with the right tools!

AND that’s where I come in...

I use my intuition to identify what my client’s beliefs and energetic patterns are (those sneaky ones hiding under the surface) and provide them with the EXACT tools and guidance they need to dissolve what’s been in the way all this time.


♡ Identify and release the negative beliefs and emotional baggage from your life at the level of ENERGY, so that you’re FINALLY able to feel and experience a higher level of love and joy.

♡ Unlock other areas of your life, where you've previously felt stuck like success, money, wellbeing, focus, clarity or family. Yep we have a relationship (and emotional baggage) with all these things too and the cool thing is when we unblock one area of our life, other areas become unstuck to – bonus right?!

♡ Access deeper layers of your intuition so that you never have to second guess or doubt yourself again. And in the process build an unshakable sense of SELF BELIEF, so that you exude the kind of energy that magnetically draws amazing people and experiences into your world.


If you’re ready to quit band-aid fixes and energetically clean up your relationship crap once and for all. And finally have life look the way you actually want it to then I’m your girl - girlfriend ;)

CAVEAT: My mentoring programs require a level of self-awareness, self-accountability and commitment. What does this mean in actual English? Basically, it means showing up for yourself and your life EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

But don’t worry, I make showing up for yourself super EASY!

All VIP clients receive access to my library of energetic clearing tools that you get to keep forever. That way you get to develop life long skills that train you to tap into your intuition, clear your own energy and rewire your unconscious beliefs - when you want, where you want. You’re not going to have to commit hours every day, just 10-15 minutes….and why wouldn’t you? Especially if you knew it was going to completely change your life.

If you’re thinking to yourself right now, “OMG this is EXACTLY what I need” but you’d like to go for a test drive first, then let’s connect. I offer a limited number of FREE Energetic Relationship Assessments every month. You can book your’s below.

All sessions are conducted via Zoom video conferencing.