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The Process...

The heart is at the cornerstone of all my work.

Why? Well, scientific research has proven that the heart has its own brain officially coined the 'heart-brain,' while also being recognized as the access point to our intuitive intelligence and inner wisdom. Our heart is our direct connection to everyone and everything in the world, including ourselves.

Each intuitive mentoring session is designed to create a pathway between your mind and heart through bringing your awareness into the present moment and moving beyond the analytical thinking mind. Once we are in a self-aware heart space, we can shift and release negative emotions like stress, anxiety, jealousy, fear or worry, created by limiting beliefs and stories. Feelings that ultimately keep us stuck in survival mode.

Once we release these lower vibrational emotions, we can then cultivate higher vibrational experiences such as joy, compassion, love, and happiness. It is then that we have the power to consciously create a future of our design, free from past conditioning and experiences.

During the guided sessions, I will provide you with the tools and practices you need to establish a connection between your head and your heart so that you can learn to listen to the subtleties of your intuition and gain the clarity and the confidence to follow your truth.

The nature of working one-on-one with me allows for personalized guidance to meet your specific needs, often resulting in significant shifts.

Through the course of our session, something just clicked and years of self-doubt started to fall away.
— Tori, Paralegal Manager

It is through our heart, that our inner voice speaks the loudest.

- Sarah McGahan


Here's How I Can Help



1:1 Online Mentoring Session

In this private one-on-one session, we can work on any area of your life that you choose, to create a transformational shift that sticks. We do this by firstly bringing awareness to recurring patterns or stories, and then work to release the negative emotion that prevents you from tapping into your infinite potential. Clients report that they feel lighter, attain a deeper sense of connection, gain the ability to regulate their emotional states, while experiencing increased clarity and access to their intuition after our sessions.

I would highly recommend Sarah’s sessions to anyone wanting to connect in with their own inner guidance and truth.
— - Fiorella, Relationship Coach

All sessions are conducted via Skype or Zoom video conferencing. Your investment is AUD 97.00 for 50 minutes.

While one session will undoubtedly create change, ongoing support sessions are offered to ensure continued growth and expansion. Pop me an email to ask about my mentoring packages (multiple sessions offered at special rate). 

1:1 Soul Purpose Intensive (6-week program)

I want you to feel deeply connected to your purpose - your reason for being here. That’s why I designed my 6-week Soul Purpose Intensive one-on-one program.

Maybe you know your purpose, but fear is stopping you from stepping into it, or you may feel entirely in the dark and wonder if you even have one? Maybe you've started, but find you keep hitting roadblocks. It doesn't matter where you are at on your journey; the Soul Purpose Intensive program is designed to meet you exactly where you are at, and expand from there.

Clients who have participated in this program have reported clarity around their purpose; enhanced intuition; removal of blocks and fears; while gaining the confidence to step in and claim their soul purpose. During the program, my clients are required to take massive inspired action that supports their goals and intentions, as it is through action that our goals and dreams are realized.

Sarah always met me where I was at, while consistently empowering me to make a larger impact and serve more people through my purpose.
— Kate, Yoga Teacher and Workshop Facilitator

Soul Purpose Intensive includes 6 x 50 sessions conducted via Skype or Zoom video conferencing and email support for the duration of the program. Your investment is AUD 497.00.