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Dr Amy Carmichael is a medical doctor with a passion for holistic health and wellbeing. In 2014 an accident led to a massive realisation that she'd been neglecting her body and putting endless amounts of pressure and stress on herself. This wake-up call changed the trajectory of her life…forever.

She now runs her own online integrative medical clinic and helps individuals all around the world achieve optimal health, happiness and harmony, by looking at a patient as a whole person - NOT just as a set of symptoms.

In this episode of Truth Talks we explore everything from the impacts of stress on our health, hormonal imbalances, the future of medicine and why there is so much we can learn from the Eastern cultures.

When we have constant stress in our lives, our body never gets the opportunity to reset.
— Dr Amy Carmichael

Questions I asked Dr Amy:

  • What is lifestyle medicine and what does it entail? (1:02)

  • It’s really exciting that health is going in the direction of a more holistic vision, can you tell us more about that? (3:06)

  • What was it that made you shift from being a doctor in a hospital to running an online integrative clinic? (4:26)

  • Why is adrenal fatigue such an epidemic of the modern world and how can we manage it? (12:20)

  • Is there a stigma around NOT being busy? (16:05)

  • What are some ways that people can switch off to lessen exhaustion? (18:10)

  • Can you explain the differences between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems? (21:25)

  • What are some symptoms that people may experience as a result of hormone imbalances? (24:30)

  • How do you see the medical industry evolving? (28:40)

We explore:

  • Approaching symptoms and alignments from a cellular and biochemical level (1:40)

  • Looking at health to empower people (2:04)

  • Getting into the driver’s seat of your life and health (2:22)

  • The lack of time and resources Doctors have in traditional settings to get to the bottom of what's really going on (3:25)

  • The chronic disease epidemic in hospital wards and why patients are not getting the answers they need (5: 56)

  • The power of self-healing and tapping into complementary therapies (8:00)

  • Time and the ‘quick fix’ (9:15)

  • Why NOT being in alignment can manifest as illness in your body (9:32)

  • The impacts of living in a high technology, fast-paced world and what we can learn of eastern cultures (12:40)

  • The importance of having a non-negotiable practice (18:47)

  • Why stress never allows our body to reset (22:50)

  • The symptoms of estrogen dominance and the dangers of xenoestrogens (25:25)

  • Reducing toxicity in your environment and diet (26:40)

  • The future of medicine is already here and it includes AI and 3D mapping (29:50)

We’ve got so much to learn from the Eastern cultures - they’ve got this stuff down pat, they really do!
— Dr Amy Carmichael

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You can grab a copy of Dr Amy’s new book ‘Be Unnumbered’ here.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Truth Talks and feel empowered to kick start your own health journey!

x Sarah

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