Fiorella Klein is a Relationship Coach, Meditation Teacher, Writer, and Speaker. She is also a woman on a mission - a mission to find & inspire LOVE, mindfully.

It was through her own rite of passage from troubled wife to searching for love again in her mid-thirties that she realized that love was the source of all human pain and joy. Her focus has now become to find and inspire others to love, themselves and their partner – mindfully.

In episode 1 of The Truth Podcast, we dive deep into setting standards, honoring your value, creating boundaries and why loving mindfully is the key to love and happiness.

    My TRUTH is knowing my worth and value.
    — Fiorella Klein

    Questions I asked Fiorella:

    • What was the catalyst for the shift in your business from The Nourishing Goddess to Relationship Coach? (1.12)
    • What does it means to honor your truth and how this has changed the direction of your business and soul purpose? (9.55)
    • What is the 'I'll be happy when' affliction? (16.25)
    • What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone who is single and seeking a relationship? (22.52)
    • What is the one piece of advice you would give to a couple who are facing some challenges in their relationship? (28.58)
    • Why do women fall in love with potential? (31.48)
    • What would you say to women who hold onto a man who is not ready for a relationship? (37.37)

    We dive deep into:

    • Why self-care isn’t all bubble baths and green juices (6.45)
    • Teach what you love talking about the most (7.40)
    • Our purpose is not stationary, but something that evolves (8.20)
    • Turning the past into wisdom (8.59)
    • Why knowing your value is so important  (11.20)
    • Setting standards and applying it to every area of your life (12.53)
    • I’ll be happy when... (16.30)
    • The plague of the modern day (17.58)
    • The number one piece of advice for single women and men – it's not what you think (22.52)
    • Why acceptance is the first step for couples experiencing crisis (29.13)
    • Loving your partner where they are at now (31.49)
    • What does it mean when someone says they are not ready (37.08)
    • What happens in the bedroom is not always an indicator of how a lover feels about you (41.48)
    What you are seeking -  the love, the sexiness, the connection, the juiciness - all the stuff that you want to attract, resides within you.
    — Fiorella Klein

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    I'd love to hear what your biggest take away from today's episode was, feel free to share in the comments section below. So much GOLD was shared during this episode. I hope you enjoyed listening to it, as much as I enjoyed interviewing Fiorella. Here's to loving mindfully!

    x Sarah