Atira Tan is a woman with a compelling vision. A vision to change the lives of women, men and children who have experienced sex slavery and exploitation throughout Asia.

As the CEO and Founder of Art to Healing and Yoga for Freedom, Atira has transformed the lives of thousands of women, men and children through women’s health, art therapy, and trauma-informed yoga programs.

In episode 3 of The Truth Podcast, we look at the importance of following curiosity, the true yogic path, connecting with your vision and where most people get stuck, and why is vital that we shorten the time between inspiration and action.

Don’t doubt the amount of power you have to change the world.
— Atira Tan

Questions I asked Atira:

  • How did the Art to Healing project come about and what is the purpose behind it? (1:15)

  • How many women, children, and men have gone through the program? (10:44)

  • Can you share a transformational story with us about one of the participants who has been through the Art to Healing program? (13:15)

  • What does it take to show up every day and live your truth, and make a difference in the face of 150 Billion dollar industry? (16:50)

  • Purpose and making a difference are two of the most significant factors that impact our happiness. What piece of practical advice could you give to someone who wants to start a socially conscious project or business, but feels overwhelmed by the enormity of it all? (22:30)

  • Why is it so important to shorten the time gap between inspiration and action? (28:20)

  • What is the Yoga for Freedom project and how can people get involved? (31:28)

  • How can people contribute to the Art to Healing project? (40:20)

We explore:

  • Despite external experience of the sex slave industry, there is still hope (3:30)

  • Following curiosity (4:40)

  • The impacts of trauma on connection and sense of self (6:15)

  • Why teaching survivors of the sex trafficking industry, to become leaders in their communities creates a ripple effect (11:05)

  • One woman's story or survival and transformation (13:30)

  • Part of being human is the ability to feel the hopelessness and use it as fuel to create change (17:45)

  • Sacred Activism as a spiritual path (18:00)

  • Why true Yoga happens off the mat (19:4 0)

  • The only power we have on this planet is love (20:23)

  • Connecting to your why and vision is always the first step (24:10)

  • Where most people get stuck with their vision and how to move through it (25:1 5)

  • As we nurture and share our vision the step by step process unfolds naturally (27:30)

  • Learning to make the best use of inspired energy (29:00)

  • Life wants to create through us (30:12)

  • The practice of full acceptance (33:00)

  • Why it's so important for the yoga community to give back (34:15)

  • The question we need to ask ourselves is "What difference do you want to make in this beautiful world"? (42:55)

The only power we have on this planet is love.
— Atira Tan