Isiah McKimmie is a Couple Therapist, Sexologist, Sex Therapist and Tantra Teacher. As one of the most qualified Sex and Relationship Experts in Australia, Isiah has been supporting individuals and couples for over a decade. She brings together evidence-based psychotherapeutic practices with the beautiful sensual and spiritual teachings of Tantra to create loving relationships, deep intimacy, and wholehearted sex.

In episode 2 of The Truth Podcast, we explore the connection between shame and sexual desire and how to release it, allowing more pleasure, making intimacy a priority, the importance of foreplay, channelling sexual energy in the manifestation and creativity process, and learning to listen to the subtle nuances, reactions and emotions in our body and much more! Throughout the interview, Isiah shares practical tools that you can use to experience powerful intimacy, loving sex, more pleasure and meaningful connections.

    Giving ourselves permission to feel pleasure is so important.
    — Isiah McKimmie

    Questions I asked Isiah:

    • Being a Sexologist and Tantra Teacher was the last thing you thought you'd ever do, how did your purpose come about? (1:20)
    • As a society we seem to have linked shame and sexual desire together. How can we release shame so we feel sexually empowered? (6:04)
    • Can you recreate a spark between a couple who are experiencing a decline in their sexual desire for one-another? (14:45)
    • What advice can you give to a woman who struggles with pleasure or reaching orgasm? (17:45)
    • How can we intentionally channel sexual energy in the manifestation and creativity process? (26:30)
    • Is there a connection between our intuition and sexual energy? (30:40)
    • What does it take to show up everyday in your truth, and be vulnerable? (32:40)

    We dive deep into:

    • What is Tantra? (3:08)
    • The dichotomy that exists between the ‘good woman’ and women who are seen as overly sexual (7:20)
    • Why acknowledging that shame is present, is an important first step (9:10)
    • The two antidotes to shame (10:30)
    • Getting out of your head and coming back into your body to experience increased pleasure (12:28)
    • The power of asking yourself and your partner how you would most like to be touched (13:50)
    • Making intimacy a priority and why more than anything, its a mindset shift (15:50)
    • The importance of foreplay (19:10)
    • Giving ourselves permission to experience pleasure (20:38)
    • Why stress is both bad and good for our sex life (25:10)
    • Allowing and embracing sexual energy as life-force (28:50)
    • Learning to listen to the subtle nuances, reactions and emotions in our body to distinguish between intuition and fear (31:10)
    • Becoming self-aware of our emotions (34:25)
    • Why discernment can be important when sharing our truth with the world (35:02)
    • Its not about whether or not you get judged. Its about whether you are willing to get on the field in the first place (36:30)
    Showing up and being vulnerable in my truth, doesn’t necessarily mean I’m blurting out my truth.
    — Isiah McKimmie

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    I hope you enjoyed this insight into tantra, intimacy, and wholehearted sex. I'd love to hear what your biggest take away from today's episode was - feel free to share in the comments section below. 

    Here's to allowing more pleasure!

    x Sarah