3 Simple Practices to Harness Your Intuition


I'm a little embarrassed to admit this. During my 30's, I handed over the responsibility of my 'healing' journey to a gifted mind-body-energy healer.

Rather than seeing her for the occasional treatment, I unintentionally expected her to 'fix' me.

But that’s not all!

Because of her exceptional intuitive abilities, I burdened her with making some major life decisions on my behalf. At the time I didn't trust my intuition and lived in fear that I was going to make a 'wrong' choice. I hadn't yet fully tapped into my inner guidance system - AKA my intuition. So, when the wheels fell off, or I had a major life decision to make, it was her I turned to.

At the time, I was completely unaware of what I was doing. It was my ‘blind-spot’ so to speak.

Then an intervention occurred! 

The earth passed through two intense eclipses.

In the astrological world, eclipses are often referred to as the wild card of the Universe and are known to disrupt the status quo. During this time, I faced the shadow aspects of my personality and aspects of my life that weren't working, so that a transformational shift could occur.   

It was during this unsettling time that I turned to my trusted healer for support again. Luckily, this time there was little she could do to help me. 

Suddenly, I found myself in a situation where I had to become self-reliant. Outsourcing was no longer an option.

During an intense two weeks, I taught myself to release negative emotions, clear limiting blocks, beliefs, and stories. I faced fear, completed karmic contracts and finally began to trust in and follow my intuitive intelligence. 

What I came to realize through this process, was that by continually outsourcing my healing and intuitive decision-making process to an external source, I was doing myself a great disservice - giving my power away by believing that the solution lay outside of myself.

While I still work with a mentor on a regular basis, the difference is I'm no longer a passive bystander in the process, but rather an active, intentional and self-responsible participant. It's a co-creative process, not a one way street with unreasonable expectations from my end and a 'fix me' attitude.  It is when we reach this place of co-creation that exponential growth is possible.

So what if you find yourself in a situation that requires you to let go and expand suddenly?

The following three practices are the ones I used to take personal responsibility for my experience, while simultaneously teaching me to trust and access my intuition.  I still use these practices on a daily basis. Why? Because intuition isn't a do it once and its done kinda deal. Just like a muscle, we must continue to develop it; otherwise, it loses strength and potency. 

1. Heart Opening Practice

This is the most powerful daily ritual I have in my toolkit because it opens us up to our inner wisdom. Our heart is recognized as being the access point to our intuitive intelligence. When we are in a coherent heart state, feelings of appreciation, peace, and love intensifies, while clarity, flow, and access to our soul's wisdom increases.

One of the most straightforward heart opening exercises I am aware of comes from the HeartMath's Institute, who have dedicated 30+ years to researching the science of the heart: 

Take your attention to your heart area and breathe directly into your heart for a count of five. On the out breath, release through your heart for a count of five - repeat. (Optimal breathing time is 5 minutes, but it can be as short, or as long as you like).

If you're looking for a more comprehensive meditation, check out my free heart opening meditation under the RESOURCES section on my homepage.

2. Trust The Messages You Receive

Sounds simple right? It is until our rational thinking mind kicks in! We have approximately 3 seconds (if we're lucky!) until our analytical brain takes over, quickly dismissing our intuitive messages.

Truth: that very first thought, feeling or inspiration that drops in from seemingly nowhere, is your intuition communicating with you. Learning to trust, honor and follow these messages, without hesitation is how we strengthen and grow our intuitive intelligence. 

3. Practice Active Forgiveness...

When we store emotions like anger, blame, hatred, shame or guilt, we lower our energetic frequency, which is shown below in Dr. David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness.



However, when we release negative emotions through the practice of active forgiveness, we increase our vibrational frequency, heal and increase our ability to listen to the subtleties of our intuition. 

One of the most potent forgiveness techniques I have come across is a Hawaiian healing mantra called Ho'oponopono. Quite simply, think of an experience you would like to release and repeat the below mantra until you feel a shift taking place. 

I'm sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you  

Like I said above, this isn't a do it once and its done kinda job. Practice here is key! Just like a lover, if we don’t nurture our internal world and trust our intuition, our relationship with it will weaken and fade.

As the age-old saying goes....use it, or lose it, baby!

The more you integrate the above practices into your everyday life, the stronger your electromagnetic field will become (the invisible energy field that surrounds the physical body) and the more access you will have to your inner wisdom.