3 Steps to Clearing Your Money Blocks & Raising Your Vibration


Money is just energy in form. The first time I fully grasped the enormity of this Universal truth, I had to take a deep breath. 

If money is energy, why the heck do so many of us have such a strained relationship with it?

Money is simply energy in motion.
— Gay Henricks ~ The Big Leap 

Some of us struggle to attract it, while it flows with ease and grace for others.

For many of us, money is linked to emotions like fear, scarcity, anxiety, lack, and control. It can have a genuine and paralyzing effect on us.

Lack of money in a person's life can rock their very illusion of safety and security, causing a great deal of suffering.

Others appear to have a sense of trust and knowingness that money will always flow in their life, and because of this belief, it does.

This polarity got me questioning where our relationship with money stems from?

I recently watched one of Christie Marie Sheldon’s presentations at Awesomeness Festival, where she established from her years of research and healing work, that money blocks, beliefs and stories are formed between the ages of zero to seven.

That means it's very likely that the money blocks, beliefs, and stories we are carrying, are not even ours! We inherit them just by being born.  They are passed down to us through our ancestral lineage.

While individuals will interpret these beliefs and stories differently, ultimately the underlying story is the same, it just manifests in a different form. 

Here's the truth people: 

We live in an abundant Universe.

Money is always moving. It ebbs and flows, and the clearer our energy field of limiting beliefs is, the quicker we can manifest and receive some of this moving money or energy.

So how do we become clear conduits so that money can show up in our lives with ease and grace?  Rising our vibrational frequency is vital, and there are several ways in which we can do this. 

1. Get clear on your money, stories, blocks, and beliefs. What are they? Where did they stem from?  By shining the light of awareness on your personal money stories you then have the power to shift and release them for good.  

2. FORGIVE - FORGIVE - FORGIVE. In Dr. Joe Vitale's book, Zero Limits he explores the true story of Dr. Len, who healed an entire ward of mentally ill patients through using a Hawaiian forgiveness mantra called Ho'oponopono:

I'm sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you

Through applying this mantra to our money stories, we can heal, release and forgive.

Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could be any different.
— Oprah

3. Replace the old story with a new empowering money belief.  

Recently I uncovered a MASSIVE story that was directly impacting my ability to manifest money, a loving relationship, success in my business - you name it; it was impacting it!  It went like this:

'What I want, DOESN'T want me.'

The sneaky belief was tripping me up all over the place. When I uncovered it, I recognized the havoc this story has caused throughout my life. But rather than collapse into it, I shined the light of awareness on it, came to a place of forgiveness, released and shifted the story. Then I replaced it with this new empowering belief:

'It’s safe for me to get what I want in life.'

We are creators of our realities. Through the practice of clearing old beliefs that don't serve us and installing new ones, we can create a genuinely abundant experience in all areas of our life.

x Sarah

Sarah McGahan