Listening to the Messages From the Wind


Last year when I visited South Africa I met a man who I believed to be an enlightened being. Mandaza, a Shaman who had traveled from Zimbabwe to work with the participants of the Leadership Academy. When Mandaza spoke it was like liquid gold, his wisdom was so profound.

One day he said to me:

Sarah tonight you will dream, and it will be an important dream, come to me tomorrow and share your dream with me.

That night I did dream. Those dreams you have just before you wake, the ones where you find yourself in-between the subconscious and conscious realms. Many indigenous cultures believe that the messages received during this dream time, are delivered directly to us from spirit. These are the dreams we often remember.

My dream that night in many ways was so simple, yet so poignant. I dreamt of words only which were:

All you need to do is listen to the messages from the wind.

Shamanism stems from nature, and it's spiritual practices are deeply rooted in the simple truths of life.

As human beings we have created an illusion of separation between ourselves and nature, ignoring the inherent fact that we are in fact part of nature. It is this separation that allows us to continue to industrialize and destroy our environment for profit. If we, instead, saw ourselves as part of nature, this extreme industrialization would stop. Why would we consciously choose to destroy that, which we are part of?

I believe the messages we receive from nature are the most important messages we can allow ourselves to receive. So today I invite you to stop, breath, be present and listen to the messages from the wind.

x Sarah

Sarah McGahanshamanComment