Is Commitment Enough?


In life, we tend to make long-term commitments, such as getting married, starting a business, having children, choosing a profession or following our purpose. But what happens when disaster strikes, you hit an upper limiting belief, or you outright lose your mojo?

Is that initial commitment made long ago, enough to carry us through?

About six weeks ago, I hit a massive upper limiting belief regarding my business and the amount of success I was willing to allow into my life. This got me thinking, ‘is committing once enough’?

That’s when I became intrigued with the idea of recommitting.

The reality is: commitment gets us started and drives us forward in the early stages of any project, job or relationship. However, it is the act of re-committing during times when the task or situation appears overwhelming, that has the power to reignite passion and purpose.

When we exist in a state of dis-ease in any project, job or relationship, there is a danger of falling into a state of de-vitalization and exhaustion. This is when a choice presents itself. If the situation is not in alignment with your values or purpose, let it go. However, if you have hit a block or upper limiting belief, stop, breath, and recommit, so that the journey can continue with passion and excitement.

Imagine waking up and consciously choosing to recommit to your family, relationship, business, project, job, exercise regime, health and life every single day! How different would each day look, how much more exciting would life feel, how much more passion and magic would exist and how much more vital and alive would you feel?

So today the question is, what are you willing and ready to recommit to? 

It is in the act of re-commitment that we are indeed able to live life purposely.