Dr Amy Carmichael is a medical doctor with a passion for holistic health and wellbeing. In 2014 an accident led to a massive realisation that she'd been neglecting her body and putting endless amounts of pressure and stress on herself. This wake-up call changed the trajectory of her life…forever.

She now runs her own online integrative medical clinic and helps individuals all around the world achieve optimal health, happiness and harmony, by looking at a patient as a whole person - NOT just as a set of symptoms.

In this episode of Truth Talks we explore everything from the impacts of stress on our health, hormonal imbalances, the future of medicine and why there is so much we can learn from the Eastern cultures.

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Atira Tan is a woman with a compelling vision. A vision to change the lives of women, men and children who have experienced sex slavery and exploitation throughout Asia.

In episode 3 of The Truth Podcast, we look at why its so important to follow curiosity, the true yogic path, connecting with your vision and where most people get stuck, shortening the time between inspiration and action and why we all have the capacity to change the world. 

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Isiah McKimmie is one of the most qualified Sex and Relationship Experts in Australia, and has been supporting individuals and couples for over a decade.

In episode 2 of The Truth Podcast, we explore the connection between shame and sexual desire, allowing more pleasure, making intimacy a priority, the importance of foreplay, channelling sexual energy in the manifestation and creativity process, and much more! Throughout this episode, Isiah shares practical tools that you can use to experience powerful intimacy, more pleasure and meaningful connections.

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A Powerful New Way To Prioritise Your Emotions

Most of us underestimate the power of our emotions, and why wouldn't we? We live in a world that promotes reason and the analytical mind over feelings and intuition - even if it leaves us feeling miserable or unfulfilled.

But in doing this, what we fail to grasp, is the understanding that emotions are magnetic in nature, which means they are responsible for drawing external events towards us. 

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Fiorella Klein is a Relationship Coach, Meditation Teacher, Writer, and Speaker. She is also a woman on a mission - a mission to find & inspire LOVE, mindfully.

It was through her own rite of passage from troubled wife to searching for love again in her mid-thirties that she realized that love was the source of all human pain and joy. Her focus has now become to find and inspire others to love, themselves and their partner – mindfully.

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Overcoming Stress - It's a Matter of the Heart

Stress - we've all been there at some point or another, right? In fact, it's almost unavoidable in today's fast-paced, production orientated, multitasking, attention-grabbing world.

It's not that stress is a bad thing, in fact, short bursts were imperative to our survival as a race during the prehistoric era. The problem lies in periods of prolonged chronic stress. This is when stress shifts from being helpful, to being harmful.

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3 Steps to Clearing Your Money Blocks & Raising Your Vibration

Money is just energy in form. The first time I fully grasped the enormity of this Universal truth, I had to take a deep breath. 

If money is energy, why the heck do so many of us have such a strained relationship with it?

Money is simply energy in motion - Gay Henricks

Some of us struggle to attract it, while it flows with ease and grace for others.

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Sarah McGahan
Owning it! Why It's Time to Unapologetically Embody Your Purpose

We all have a unique set of gifts that only we possess.

Every Single One Of Us!

When we own these gifts, we shine our brightest, exist in a state of flow and operate in our Zone of Genius (for more info about your Zone of Genius pick up The Big Leap by Gay Henricks).  This unique combination of skills is a clear indicator of an individual's purpose.

But how many of us resist this calling?

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Will You Hear the Call to Rise?

I believe we are on this planet at this exact moment in time to awaken.  In fact, I think it is part of our soul purpose, we just express it in different ways. 

It is so easy to get distracted from this purpose right? In fact, the modern world seems to be strategically designed to be one big distraction.

Rising into awakening is more pertinent than ever, as the illusion of separation continues to be strengthened through the media and other forms of propaganda.

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The 5 Keys to Uncovering Your Purpose

For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt I had a calling, a pulling towards a purpose that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

While I didn’t know what my purpose was, I did know it would be something that would make my heart sing and be one of service. So how did I end up working in the corporate world, making companies lots of money, while feeling disconnected from myself, disillusioned and unfilled? 

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Listening to the Messages From the Wind

Last year when I visited South Africa I met a man who I believed to be an enlightened being. Mandaza, a Shaman who had traveled from Zimbabwe to work with the participants of the Leadership Academy. When Mandaza spoke it was like liquid gold, his wisdom was so profound.

One day he said to me:

Sarah tonight you will dream, and it will be an important dream, come to me tomorrow and share your dream with me.

That night I did dream. Those dreams you have just before you wake, the ones where you find yourself in-between the subconscious and conscious realms. 

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Sarah McGahanshamanComment
Is Commitment Enough?

In life, we tend to make long-term commitments, such as getting married, starting a business, having children, choosing a profession or following our purpose. But what happens when disaster strikes, you hit an upper limiting belief, or you outright lose your mojo?

Is that initial commitment made long ago, enough to carry us through?

About six weeks ago, I hit a massive upper limiting belief regarding my business and the amount of success I was willing to allow into my life. This got me thinking, ‘is committing once enough’?

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The Massive Health Benefits of Grounding

Grounding (also known as Earthing) is the process of reconnecting the human body to the earth’s surface by getting your bare feet (or any part of your body for that matter), directly on the ground. The concept of grounding is becoming more and more popular due to the circumstances of our modern day existence, which for the most part keeps us separated from the earth. 

I have been practicing grounding for a while now, but it has been over the last week that I have felt the real benefit of being connected to the earth’s energy. 

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Sarah McGahanhealth, nature
The Art of Patience & Persistence

In 2015 I spent five weeks at the Global White Lions Protection Trust in South Africa, where I had the privilege of meeting a Tawny Lioness called Cleopatra. Now I know we're not meant to have favorites, but I couldn’t help myself. She is powerful and wild and soft and playful all at the same time. The embodiment of pure feminine essence.

Her story is one of patience and persistence, of holding a strong vision and allowing it the time and space to manifest in reality. Her life story inspires us not to give up on what our heart truly desires.

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